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I Got Accepted to the Authentic Voices Fellowship!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Hey y'all!

I got accepted for the Women's National Book Association's (WNBA) Authentic Voices Fellowship. I'm one of seven women of color who have this incredible opportunity to develop our writing and learn more about the publishing world.

Here's a little bit about the fellowship:

With a goal to create equity in the publishing world, the WNBA Authentic Voices Fellowship supports voices that have been overlooked or stifled in the publishing world.

Authentic Voices highlights diversity in publishing by bringing authentic voices to the table in an educational, immersive, and equity-building program.

Study after study has shown the lack of authors from marginalized communities in the book world. In order to build equity in publishing, we must provide people from underrepresented communities the foundation and tools needed to understand and compete in the publishing world.

The program is a collaboration with Women of Color Writers Podcast.

And here's more about the Women's National Book Association:

The Women’s National Book Association is a national organization of women and men who work with and value books. A non-profit 501(c)3 organization, WNBA exists to connect, educate, advocate and lead in the literary community.

The Women’s National Book Association was established in 1917, before women in America had the right to vote. The WNBA’s founding idea—that books have power and that those involved in their creation gain strength from joining forces—reaches across the decades to now serve members across the country, in local chapters and network members in locations beyond the chapter cities.

I'm super excited about this fellowship!

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