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I'm Going to VONA!

Hey y'all! Because of Covid, Voices of Our Nations Arts (VONA) Foundation is going virtual this year! I have been accepted into Valerie Boyd's Writing a Story That Makes a Difference: Researching and crafting Lively Narratives While Staying True.

Here's a little bit about the workshop:

Historical research, interviews and deep reporting are necessary for powerful true storytelling about the important issues of our time—whether what we write ends up being a reflective essay, a piece of investigative journalism, a memoir about growing up brown in the South, or an epic book excavating a hidden history. Such research helps us understand not only the who and what but also the so what—that is, why our stories matter. In this interactive seminar, we will explore creative ways to use archival research, interviews and other reporting tools. You’ll receive guidance on how to make your research and reporting come alive on the page while maintaining fidelity to the facts. You’ll also learn how to use some of the techniques of fiction to transform research into lively nonfiction that is resonant and impactful. You may focus on revising an existing nonfiction draft or generating new work.

And here's more about VONA:

The premier multi-genre workshop for BIPOC Writers, VONA is a Home where writers of color come to hone their craft and be in community. VONA honors its writers' unique histories, traditions and aesthetics and provides a protected mentoring space for learning and fellowship. VONA fosters the development of personal and political writing and engages in the work of social justice as we build our global community of writers.

I'm so excited for this opportunity!

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