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The Pastor's Wife in Sistories, June 2023

Apocalypse, Still in Samjoko Magazine, April 2023

Drive to Ponce de Leon Park in Medium, January 2023


Mother, Can You Hear Me? in Medium, August 2021

The #30DayHairDetox Was Easy, Changing My Mindset Was Hard in Medium, June 2021

swimming lessons in Root Work Journal, May 2021

Finding Healing in Gospel Music in The Rumpus, March 2021

2020 and earlier

The Photograph Reminds Us that Our Parents are People, Too in An Injustice!, February 2020

Black Kids Don't Need to "Talk Right" in Breakthrough, October 2019

The South Got Something to Say in Medium, July 2019

Where the Parents At? in Medium, February 2019

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