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What happens when the world is ending, but society wants to move on and ignore it? Apocalypse Still explores the fears, rage, and hopes of Black women and girls who must address the defeating circumstances of their apocalyptic worlds. In these ten earth-shattering scenarios, young Black women question how to survive, what they believe, and who to trust.

In a future where Black people have superpowers, superhero Naomi wrestles against a newer iteration of America's oldest foe. Paranoid Jenise realizes that the government may be lying about the zombie virus. When society collapses, Gada infiltrates a secret organization in search of food but bites off more than she can chew. Kiana’s kink helps her time travel between lovers. Trying to understand the truth of her disability, Monice uncovers an alien conspiracy.

This debut collection weaves the grotesque and the beautiful, the extraordinary and the mundane together in these tender tales of community, ancestral gifts, and the lengths we go through to survive.

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