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Apocalypse Still


This debut collection weaves the grotesque and the beautiful, the extraordinary and the mundane together in these tender tales of community, ancestral gifts, and the lengths we go through to survive.

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bloom is a collection that explores heartbreak through the personal and political. These poems play with poetic form using nature imagery to weave a narrative of romance, social injustice, loss, and healing. This chapbook is a testament to the power of vulnerability, bearing one's deepest pains, and living to tell the tale.

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A Night at Fontaine's

Erotic Romance Short

This short follows Bambi, a stripper unlucky in love, and Fontaine, a local drug dealer after their run-in at the grocery store. When Fontaine invites Bambi over for the night,  each wonders if it could lead to something more the next morning.

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All the Ways a Heart Burns


Join eleven talented writers for a compelling journey through the intricate web of young hearts and complicated relationships. This spellbinding anthology of young adult literature, is a fusion of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction that explores the exciting heights of falling in love, the scorching pain of heartbreak, and the forever fight for identity.


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